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This month I am doing a Juice Reboot. Follow along with me.


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I started a 60 Day yoga challenge at my yoga studio. I will be blogging about my experience.

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Day 10 and Day 1 of my Juice Fast

I completed 10 days of my juice fast. I reached 175 lbs. Then… as predicted I fell off the boat a bit. Now I am back on and I have approximately 16 days. Well more like 8, then another 8 and then 14. All in 30 days. I wont have access to a scale. So I will measure when I get back. Instead of going full on juice fast it will be as much juice, smoothies and raw vegetables as possible. Then homemade soups rarely at dinners. I will stop on hte 23rd because I will be in Louisiana and I want to eat there. I can’t imagine that there is anything I will be missing out on. If it is a local delicacy I will of course try a bite. I will let you know how that grand plan progresses. (more…)

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