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Robert Frost who is famed for writing the poems The Road Not Taken and Mending Wall, wrote this little known poem Rose Pogonias. It shall transport you to a meadow where flowers bloom like jewels glittering in the sun. The author must leave them yet he wishes that those who come here next have the opportunity to be awed just as he has.

There are moments when we are so overcome with ourselves, our problems and stress that we forget a great big world exists. Nature has the capacity to transport us into bliss. Beauty has that strange power. Let this poem take you on a wild and green journey outdoors.


Rose Pogonias

A saturated meadow,
Sun-shaped and jewel-small,
A circle scarcely wider
Than the trees around were tall;
Where winds were quite excluded,
And the air was stifling sweet
With the breath of many flowers,—
A temple of the heat.

robert-frost-poemsThere we bowed us in the burning,
As the sun’s right worship is,
To pick where none could miss them
A thousand orchises;
For though the grass was scattered,
Yet ever second spear
Seemed tipped with wings of color
That tinged the atmosphere.
meditate in natureWe raised a simple prayer
Before we left the spot,
That in the general mowing
That place might be forgot;
Or if not all so favored,
Obtain such grace of hours,
That none should mow the grass there
While so confused with flowers.

Robert Frost

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