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Today was the first day our meals were recorded with photographs. You can get a real feel for portion size and variety from these photographs. The photos will sometimes be split, one is the patients meal, and the other the guest’s meal.  The patient meal was an adjusted version of Gerson therapy diet because she was diabetic. Much of the fruit juice and other high GI ingredients were left out of her meals. The guest meals (mine) were more Gerson Therapy like as a result.


  • Oatmeal
  • patient day 3 gerson therapy breakfast

    Patient- Day 3 Gerson Therapy Breakfast

    A slice of Organic Vida-Bread

  • A quarter cup of pecan nuts
  • A small saucer of strawberries
  • Half a cup of farmers cheese (no salt cottage cheese)
  • A bevy of sweeteners that you can choose from – 1 tsp – raw sugar (jaggery), honey and raisins.
  • Patient – Green Juice.
  • Guest – Orange Juice


Gerson Therapy Breakfast sweeteners

Day 3 breakfast sweeteners

The breakfasts are totally delicious and filling.


My Breakfast is here:

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