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Here is a complete list of the 26 Bikram Poses I will be doing in this months 30 Day Birkram Yoga Challenge. I have also included two amazing charts that you can print out to help during the next few weeks. One is in English while the other is in Sanskrit.

1.) Pranayama Series (Standing Deep Breathing Pose)
2.) Ardha-Chandrasana and Pada-Hastasana (Half Moon Pose and hands to Feet)
3.) Utkatasana (Awkward Pose)
4.) Garurasana (Eagle Pose)
5.) Dandayamana-Janushirasana (Standing Head to Knee Pose)
6.) Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (Standing Bow Pulling Pose)
7.) Tuladandasana (Balancing Stick Pose)
8.) Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana (Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose)
9.) Trikanasana (Triangle Pose)
10.) Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Janushirasana (Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose )
11.) Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
12.) Padangustasana (Toe Stand Pose)
13.) Savasana (Dead Body Pose)
14.) Pavanamuktasana (Wind Removing Pose)
15.) Sit-up
16.) Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
17.) Salabhasana (Locust Pose)
18.) Poorna-Salabhasana (Full Locust Pose)
19.) Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
20.) Supta-Vajrasana (Fixed Firm Pose)
21.) Ardha-Kurmasana (Half Tortoise Pose)
22.) Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
23.) Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose)
24.) Janushirasana with Paschimotthanasana (Head to Knee Pose)
25.) Ardha-Matsyendrasana (Spine Twisting Pose)
26.) Khapalbhati (Blowing in Firm Pose)

I love reading, yoga and write for a living. This year has been really amazing, full of wonderful friends, experiences and laughter. Accomplished!; * I am a Yoga Teacher! * Debt Free! * Tracking my calories daily * Headstand - Check Leanne Naidoo
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